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Available for 200, 200C, 200T, 200CT, A200, A200C, A200CT, B200, B200C, B200CT, B200T

Experience maximum performance from the same engines used in factory-new 200GTs. No airframe modification is required to exchange original PT6A-41 and PT6A-42 engines for modern Pratt & Whitney (P&W) PT6A-52 engines.

Exclusively endorsed by Hawker Beechcraft Corporation
Extended maximum operating ITT to 820*C
Thermodynamic horsepower rating of more than 1360 shp
Increased rate of climb
Higher single-engine service ceiling
Upgrade investment comparable to overhaul costs
Average savings of $50,000 (KA 200) and $12,000 (KA B200) in annual operating costs
Faster speeds, reduced time on airframe and engines, and fewer maintenance events result in lower maintenance costs
Higher resale value
Optimal RVSM platform

System Includes

Two factory-new P&W PT6A-52 engines with new engine warranty from Pratt & Whitney Canada
Installation instructions, STC paperwork, flight manual supplement, instructions for continued airworthiness, P&WC engine logbook, Blackhawk logbook case, cycle book and aircraft decals
Prepaid enrollment in CAMP Systems’ aircraft maintenance tracking program and The Trend Group Turbine Trend Analysis program



The Blackhawk B200 Super XPR™ Frequently Asked Questions

*What is the price?
The 2008 list price is $870,000 (exchange) plus installation for two factory new PT6A-61 engines plus any nonpresent Raisbeck EPIC Performance Package components. Blackhawk pays for the shipping of your new PT6A-61 engines to the installation facility (within the continental United States). Costs associated with return shipping of core engines and core parts is the responsibility of the purchaser.

What are you giving me for my cores?
The retail price for the new engines would normally be $775,000 EACH for a total of $1,550,000! Due to the high volume engine contract that Blackhawk has negotiated with Pratt & Whitney, we are able to offer the new engines at a greatly discounted price. Your core engines are valued at approximately $300,000 for the pair when figuring the exchange prices that we publish so you are getting a very good value for your core engines – even if they have cycled out disks! So due to our volume pricing discounts with Pratt & Whitney we are able to offer you an incredible value:

$1,550,000 Pratt list price
($350,000) Engine core value
($330,000) Blackhawk discount
$870,000 Net to you

Do you give the same credit for the MORE program TBO?
No. Pratt issues the core credits and does not recognize the MORE program.

Can I keep my cores?
Only if you are willing to pay Pratt for the cores since the price has already taken into account the value of the cores. Prices will depend on core engine times.

Can I put the airplane on charter?
Yes. In fact many charter companies prefer a Blackhawk as it allows them to operate out of shorter runways in the mountains.

How much weight does the upgrade add?
18 lbs per engine.

Are there any modifications to the airframe?
A minor patch is installed on the left side of both engines cowls due to removal of a bleed valve not required on the -61. Light weight exhaust stacks are required (Beech D4, Frakes or CAT). Engine gauges are remarked.

What do you offer that I can’t get from anyone else including just overhauling my engines?
With all businesses, a lower valued or inferior product must offer a lower price in order to compete. What needs to be taken into consideration is the value of product support, product branding, and resale value. Blackhawk is the only engine upgrade that offers the following exclusive benefits for the King Air B200:

The only engine upgrade supported, sold, installed and endorsed by Beechcraft
Installation at any Blackhawk authorized facility around the world.
Dedicated customer support department with on staff technical support technician, customer service representative, and worldwide distribution and service center network
Listed in Jetnet and AMSTAT as an added feature
One of the first companies to have it’s engine upgrade listed in Aircraft Bluebook and Vref
The largest installed fleet of upgraded corporate size turboprop aircraft in the world
The only engine upgrade company to have an aircraft manufacturer change its assembly line to incorporate the same engine on production aircraft creating the King Air C90GT
Our own Blackhawk Owners Group that receives discounts in flight training as well as maintenance discounts at selected Blackhawk service centers around the world.
What about resale value?
To date nearly every Blackhawk that has been resold within 500 hours of flying time have sold very close to or in many cases, higher than the combined investment of the airframe and engines. Resale value of the Blackhawk remains strong in all markets. Many dealers are even speculating on Blackhawk upgraded aircraft.

What will the VLJ do to the value of turboprops?
When the Citation 500 came to market it was hailed as the “death of the turboprop”. Even today Cessna advertises; “Friends don’t let friends fly turbo props”. Our response is; “friends DO let friends fly turboprops because they want to go too!” Certain missions don’t require a jet. Some people don’t want or need a jet and will have difficulty getting insurance on one if they fly themselves. With the VLJ you have to decide who or what you will leave behind. These “Very Little Jets” can accommodate 2-3 passengers and not much luggage. If you need a Chevy Suburban, a Ferrari just won’t do. There will always be a strong market for the work horse turbo-prop and there will be a market for the VLJ, neither will have much effect on the other since they offer far different capabilities.

Do you offer financing?
Yes. We have several banks that offer very competitive rates for the Blackhawk.

How long does it take to do the upgrade?
About two weeks depending on the installing shop. Blackhawk does not guarantee installation times.

What is the lead time on the engines?
Blackhawk orders all engines a year in advance so we usually can have a set delivered within 60 days or sooner in some cases. Call for the next set of available engines.

Can my shop do the installation or does Blackhawk have to do the installation?
Blackhawk does not perform installations. Although the installation is basically an engine change and can be done by any Pratt & Whitney certified facility; we have found that you will save time and money if it is done at any of our approved installation facilities worldwide. They have the experience to complete it faster and with the higher exacting quality setup that we demand. See our distributor list for an installer near you.

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